Inner Strength – Psychological Immunity for your Children !

We all are very conscious, particular and prompt about vaccination of our children against possibilities of contraction physical diseases and that’s how we should be as caring and aware parents. However, should we not be equally conscious, particular and prompt about immunizing our children against possibilities of contracting psychological disorders or weaknesses that has the potential of breaking down our children mentally.

We all must know that soundness of body and mind are interdependent. We not only want our children to develop healthy bodies but we also want our children to hive lives full of happy relationships and successful career. We want them togrow up with confidence. We want them to be tough enough to face  and surmount the possible difficulties and obstacles life always presents. Most interestingly, building psychological immunity contributes tremendously in building physical

The object of the Inner Strength programme (ISP) is to develop their fortitude, then inner strength through a scientific process to equip their entire life with the Tools for Success & Happiness and the Techniques to face overcome any possible difficulties, setbacks, crisis and failure without letting them have any life long or long-term adverse effect.

Let us protect our children against :




● Lack of Enthusiasm   

●Depressed mood 


●Poor Physical Health   

●Lowering Physical Immunity    

●Tendency to focus on the Half-Empty Glass than the Half-Full.

●Lack of Concentration & Low Attention Span


Benefits of Inner Strength Programme :

Longer life span

Increased capability to avert / fight distress

Increased capability to avert / fight depression, anxiety, fear

Increased resistance to common cold

Reduced risk of cardiovascular hazards.

Aversion of gastric disturbances like indigestion, acidity, etc.

Increase in quality of sleep.

Increase on interest in sports, exercises, outdoor activities.

Aversion from lifestyle diseases unhealthy habits, addictions.

Increase in energy and concentration

The Broad Structure of ISP :

Goal :

To develop Psychological in children to equip them to deal successfully with any type of difficulties, setbacks, failures, crisis and mental strength inevitable for all pursuits throughout the span in personal & professional Success & Happiness.

Structure :

In-personal, experiential, activity-based programme of 40 Hrs spread over a period. Assignments encourage creativity and enables practice of skills developed. Customisable.

Free Lifelong Online & Telephonic Support.

Content : Original content and it’s Maverick Matrix

02 Self-assessments

11 Psychological Skills

11 Management Skills

09 Human Value

Yielding 381 Guiding principle in the process to back them up throughout their life.


The Content is full of practical Tools & Technique children will understand and learn to use by themselves. They will love to keep using these as they see it working for them. with initial conscious practice, it subsequently gets ingrained & automatic.


All-interactive – Skits, Games Story –telling ,Slides, Role-plays, Simulations, paper & Pencil Activities, Audio-Video inputs

The bottom line is :

Nobody is free from difficulties,  setbacks and failure but equipping children with certain fail-proof skills to deal with them successfully throughout their life, for their Success & Happiness, makes a lot of sense.

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