Maverick BBC - Building Blocks of Career - The Dilemma !

We believe that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. Leaders on their chosen path. This is possible

Only with careful and conscious upbringing. We need to equip our children to cope up with and surmount  the situations to come in their life and enable them to come up with flying colours.

The pressure of not burdening their childhood with expectations and yet  see them have wholesome growth is a challenge for parents and teachers. However, we all agree that this is the right time to mould them, channelize their energies, energies, encourage their creativity and harness their abilities.

The positive way to achieve this is to entrust the initiative to a dedicated team who can own up the responsibility by blending parents’ Care with Coach’s Expertise & patience – it is the Team Building Blocks !

Building Blocks : Toolkit for an enriched life!

It is one of maverick’s toolkits for laying a definite foundation and the reinforcement for cultivating, overhauling,  improving and even re-orienting personal abilities inevitable for success and happiness. It is a process of transformation!

18 Building Blocks for an Enriched Life

  1. Thinking skills                   10. Decision  Making
  2. Communication Skills       11. Motivation
  3. Interpersonal Skills           12. Negotiation Skills
  4. Assertiveness                     13. Public speaking
  5. Listening skills                   14. Salesmanship
  6. Team Building                    15. Creativity
  7. Presentation Skills             16. Leadership
  8. Body Language                   17. Self-imaging
  9. Problem Solving                 18. Mind Training 



Basic: 27 Active Hours  

Intermediate: 54 Active  Hours

Advance: 108 Active Hours  

Masters:  : Lifetime  Active Membership

Group size and arrangements  

Group Size for Schools : 25

Group Size for Organisations : 20

Hall and open Space(Garden/Ground/Terrace)

Audio-Video & Personal support

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