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Maverick presents to you a complete set of Transformation Toolkits to render Individuals and Organisations with thoroughly genuine assistance in pursuit of achieving their respective goals through Wisdom & Continuous Improvement.

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Inner Strength – Psychological Immunity for your Children !

Skills to be strong from within !

To develop Psychological in children to equip them to deal successfully with any type of difficulties, setbacks, failures, crisis and mental strength inevitable for all pursuits throughout the span in personal & professional Success & Happiness.

Maverick BBC - Building Blocks of Career :

Toolkit for an enriched life !

It is one maverick’s toolkits for laying a definite foundation and the reinforcement for cultivating, overhauling,  improving and even re-orienting personal abilities inevitable for success and happiness. It is a process of transformation!

speak English like a Pro !
develop your personality

This programme and the activities are structure to develop the English Proficiency for Young Professionals.  Generally, this programme is an inevitable part of the academic programmes as language proficiency is an imperative vehicle for the desired progresss in any pursuit.

Life Enrichment Annual Drive (LEAD) -


Maverick Invites Membership to LEAD :

This Drive is aimed at continuous personal and professional development through building a network of professionals who will gain year after year.

CUSTOMISED TRAINING- Transformational Toolkit


We are a team of professionals commanding expertise in various areas of Human Recourse Development & management Psychology, Mind-Brain development, research & analytics and support Systems who keep updating these Toolkits.


Couple of training sessions at different venues on Team-building, Communication-skills, Critical Thinking skills.

Participant reviews

I attended a Personal Transformation Program with Maverick and am very happy with my confidence. I can boldly face people and make impactful presentations.

Shena Paul/ Executive Customer Service

Inner Strength, a program that instilled psychological skills in me and helped develop the power of resilience, grit and fortitude. Now I am able to live my life more happily and successfully.

Anish Patki /Student

Maverick helped me clear lot of business concepts and gave me a road-map to plan and organise my business. I have started working in the right direction.

Milred Dsa /Entrepreneur

Though I worked for couple of years in sales and marketing, this training gave me deeper insights of marketing plans, research & analysis, planning, customer life-cycle analysis and much more. This will surely help me contribute more effectively for my company. Thanks Maverick.

Ravi Menon/Marketing Manager

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